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Update by user Oct 19, 2012

On Friday 10/19/12 they made good and replaced the mattress. While I am still upset with management, the people who did the actual delivery ( all 3 sets) were professional and I can\'t fault them.

Update by user Oct 17, 2012

Since I posted this complaint, they have promised to give us the new mattress no questions asked if I remove this post. It doesn\'t appear that I can do that, but as of now they have agreed to honor the warrantee.

Original review posted by user Oct 16, 2012

We purchased a mattress with a 20 year warranty from Metro Mattress in 2007, by 2012 it was sagging badly. When the people came to replace it they insisted there was a stain on it that voided the warranty.

The stain was visible only to them, not to anyone else. The warranty makes no mention of stains voiding it.

After many phone calls and even a trip to the store they still will not honor the warranty.

It is obvious their delivery people (who came twice!) are instructed to find a reason to deny a claim. Very bad service indeed.

Monetary Loss: $1069.

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Syracuse, New York, United States #939191

I worked there for 20 years and left because it was bought by an unscrupulous business man.

Steer anyone you know away from there.

They no longer carry major top selling brand major brands so the can't price shop and YES THEY ARE OM COMMISSION.

Hold your onto your wallets.



Look up Metro Mattress in Kansas City, Mo or channel 5 KCTV very interesting. I wonder is this done in other stores across the nation, especially when you look at all the new mattress complaints. What are the chances of so many brand new beds being defective?

to Anonymous #1014946

Metro Mattress is a local upstate New York business only. They dead with national brands that every bedding dealer orders from.

Oswego, New York, United States #674924

...this is because their policy is "we're keeping your money no matter what". They got your money.

That's all they wanted. Their philosophy is: It's your problem if you weren't paranoid enough to see through them.

Buffalo, New York, United States #653017

You think that's bad. I have only had our mattress for 6 days, no stains and it is clearly a quality control problem.

This sticking is pulling (all over the place), it doesn't at all feel like the one on the showroom floor and the fabric isn't even taunt. How can the fabric be loose after 6 days. What does this mean 6 months or a year down the road. I offered to upgrade because I felt this was a pile of *** and they wanted restocking fees etc.

for a defective product. I don't think so.

to Frustrated***sumer Clarence, New York, United States #675984

We had a very similar bad experience with METRO and Mark Bell did nothing to help .....had the nerve to offer us 50% off a another mattress but no credit on our 2 twin xl that we had purchased...we now go no where near this company and tell everyone we can on how awful Mark runs his customer service center and should step out of this company....where is the owners they must not see this site...Mark must have a firewall on their computers when it comes to reviews......


Update- Mark Bell assured me this afternoon that my mattress will be exchanged. It's scheduled to come tomorrow.

While I certainly appreciate that I will be getting a new mattress to replace this defective one, I remain convinced that these "manufacturers warranties" are a scam that need to be investigated.

There is absolutely no reason that a mattress that has no visible stains (and I took pictures of every square inch of it today to prove it) should be deemed to be damaged and the warranty voided. Manufacturers clearly have no intention of honoring their warranties, and while it may be the retailer who bears the brunt of irate consumers, they could also stop selling products that aren't backed up by their manufacturers.


I am having the same problem, and I'd like to know what the definition of "stain" is, because to my mind, if you need to use some sort of special LED or blacklight to find a spot, that's not a "stain". A mattress that is, to the eye, visibly pristine is not stained.

I haven't OWNED this defective mattress long enough to stain it.

My husband called to report that the delivery team went over it with a light and looked to find some reason not to take the defective item with them. This is totally and completely unacceptable and I WILL be notifying the attorney general and the better business bureau if this is not remedied.


We want to thank Mr. Gradford for updating this complaint. Metro Mattress’ intention is always to satisfy our customers, and we do everything in our power to do so.

First it should be made clear that the warranty on all bedding sets purchased through Metro Mattress is furnished by the Manufacturer and not Metro Mattress. All decisions concerning warranty claims are made by the Manufacturer. This includes the validity of the claim, and any replacement model offered.

Metro Mattress did attempt to replace Ms. Gradford’s mattress on 2 occasions. On each occasion, Metro Mattress found a stain on the mattress. Ms. Gradford did acknowledge the stain on the first delivery, and informed us that it was “cat vomit”.

The manufacturer does have a clause in their stating that stained bedding will not carry warranty coverage due to sanitary issues. Again, this is a guideline set by the manufacturer, and not Metro Mattress. Metro mattress did explain this to Ms. Gradford, as well as explaining that we were not going to inform the manufacturer of the stain. Had we done so, the manufacturer would mail her a letter cancelling her warranty coverage all together. I personally went so far as to tell Ms. Gradford that I was confident we would ultimately get a positive resolution to her account. The staining of the mattress was the customer’s responsibility, and we were doing our best to “pull some strings” and get her the replacement mattress.

I am pleased to report that we were able to get the manufacturer to agree to exchange the mattress as-is. I have scheduled the re-delivery for Friday 10/19/12.


Mark I. Bell, Jr.

Director of Service & Procurement

Metro Mattress

to mbell Oswego, New York, United States #674935

Put the blame for poor customer service on the manufacturer. Take the money and pass the buck.

to Anonymous Oswego, New York, United States #674991

...and if, "All decisions concerning warranty claims are made by the Manufacturer,", then why is it the case that, "the delivery team went over it with a light and looked to find some reason not to take the defective item with them", as the customer stated?

The bottom line is that Metro Mattress does not hold themselves responsible for the sale of a product that they hold themselves out as being knowledgeable about?

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