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I purchased a mattress from this company and two weeks later it started to sag considerably. I then contacted Metro Mattress and they sent an inspector to my home to take a look at the mattress.

The woman did a few "tests" on it. During so, It was very evident the mattress was defective. When she pushed down on the center of the bed it almost compacted completely. To my complete shock they claimed the mattress was perfectly normal, and there was "nothing they could do." I have experienced the same defective product and the same horrible customer service as mentioned above.

This company has no regard for their integrity. They sell a poorly made product, and have non-existent customer service. Upon many attempts to contact Mr.Bell, the few times we spoke he would of no help at all. He told me to "flip" the mattress, which is not possible because it wasn't a two sided mattress!

This was only two weeks after I purchased it, and he refused to do anything at all to help. Now I am out over $500 on a mattress which only lasted two weeks.

i strongly recommend not doing business with this company. They have been nothing but headaches.

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Clifton Park, New York, United States #1346241

This is I'm sure more than true we are going through a simalur issue

Farmington, New York, United States #861232

Log a complaint with the Better Business Bureau...all most all people who had legitimate complaints were able to get a refund through their help. I'll be making one myself.

Oswego, New York, United States #674939

WARNING!: Only manufactures warrantee manufacturing defects. Retailers can only warrantee customer satisfaction, which this company DOES NOT.

Please shop at a retailer who stands behind the sale. It seems implied but is NOT.


I was also told there are manufacturer warranties and also metro mattress warranties if I buy a mattress cover with the purchase.

Now I'm reconsidering this, did the dealer lie to me in order to try and coax me into a sale?

These types of reviews (I've seen many others like this) are making me gravitate towards going to Joe Tehans or some where else where I see good reviews.

Please, I would like to know if I buy a Therapedic Kathy Ireland Bed that I'll be able to sleep on it without worries or defects or slight of hand shady deals. I'm buying the bed out right without payment plans, I want to know I'm not just handing my money over to a possible LEMON DEAL of a sale.



I support your concerns and Mark is wrong on his bbb a+ rating ...this just means he gives a "good faith " responses ..but after we looked into this over 50% of the customers are not happy with Metro decisions.

If you have time email me at and we can talk and plan some things on our losses from this company.

I am getting alot of angry Metro customers starting to contact me. Thanks


i know what you mean even after a rep agreed the my $4000 mattress was defective the delivery drive decided not to make the exchange . its a sad day when a company dose buisness like this


I did obtain a copy of my Warranty direct from Therapedic. It clearly states the warranty covers the following; Wires that are loose, BROKEN or protruding. Sagging that measures 2" or greater and body impressions greater than 2"

When my mattress was "inspected" the woman pushed down on one end of the mattress and it was firm, with a normal amount of support. When it was done to the other side of the mattress it compressed down to 2-3 inches. It is clearly evident a spring, wire or whatever is supposed to be supporting the mattress is broken. Maybe you should go over the Warranty, because it doesn't only cover body impressions, it also covers broken springs in the mattress.

So to "re-review" if a mattress appears to be level, but upon laying on it, it compacts down to 2-3 inches, that is considered normal and is not grounds for replacement? Not in my opinion. I will be requesting to revisit my claim.

I know you may pride yourself on your BBB rating, but you still have 52 complaints filed against you, 75% of which are under the "Problems with Product/Service" category.

Time is precious these days, and I would defiantly not be wasting any of it on this website if it wasn't necessary. I literally can not sleep on the mattress, the pain is so excruciating I'm forced to ace bandage my knees when I wake up. No one should have to experience that after spending good money on what you claim is a quality mattress.

All I know is, if one of my customers was sold something defective, and the company that made it does not want to stand behind their warranty, you bet your *** I wouldn't be selling their products anymore!

Bottom line is, I purchased a mattress from your establishment which was defective. Neither you or the company who manufactured it have been any assistance at all. If you were a legitimate company you would see to it that your customers are taken care of, even if it means you contacting the mattress supplier directly.


Mr. Washburn,

I believe that I have the correct account information for you and just wanted the chance to respond to your complaint. I wanted to reiterate what we discussed previously and state that the warranty coverage on all mattresses is offered by the manufacturer and not the retailer. In other words, the denial on your warranty claim is from the manufacturer and not Metro Mattress.

In re-reviewing you inspection information, I will again report that there was zero impression found in your mattress. All manufacturer warranties state that up to 1 ½” is acceptable and considered normal. With no impression detectable at all, the manufacturer did not see any grounds for an exchange. I would also like to tell you again that Metro Mattress is always willing to revisit your claim if you feel that something has changed since your last inspection.

Based on the information collected in your home previously, the mattress did not show any sign of defect. I urge you to review the warranty coverage set forth by the manufacturer so that you better understand the parameters in which the manufacturer applies to warranty claims. The set you purchased is a very good starting quality mattress set.

I am sorry that you feel the need to post a complaint such as this, but I can assure you that Metro Mattress only offers the highest level of customer service to the communities that we serve. This is evident by Metro Mattress being one of the only bedding retailers to carry a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. If you have any further questions or concerns, I invite you to call me during normal business hours at (315) 218-1235.


Mark Bell

Director of Service & Procurement

Metro Mattress

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